Someone you know, whether a friend or family member, is addicted to drugs. You have suspected it and you are now convinced. Your loved one needs help. Now you have a big question to face: how do you persuade someone to go into drug treatment?

First, make sure there are others around who also want what is best for the person who needs drug treatment. Realistically, sometimes someone who is addicted to illicit drugs can become violent when feeling confronted. Be careful and do not approach the person alone. The best route to take is to call a helpline or nearby drug treatment center and request a counselor to be on hand for an intervention.

Second, let the person know that you support him or her. Let him know that you have his best interests at heart and that you only want what is best for him which is getting clean. Do not be judgmental. Do not put the person down. Simply state calmly the facts without derogatory insults. Have a feeling of hope and encouragement.

Have information available about the success rate of drug treatment. Show him examples of how others have gone through it and came out free of drug addiction. Tell him that while you continue to support him, there will also be support from the counselors and others who have gone through the tidal waves of addiction that he has faced.

A good tool in persuading someone to go into drug rehabilitation is to understand exactly what it is you are asking the person to do. This means that you need to understand what drug addiction is in order to help your loved one. Calling a helpline or local counseling service is a good idea as the counselor can answer your questions and offer suggestions.

Set limits. Make sure that you are helping and keep him in mind the goal of having him live a drug free life. Say no to things such as being involved in situations where you might find yourself with your loved one and his friends while they are getting high. Do not give the person money for drugs. Just say no.

Make sure that you get into a support program yourself. There are groups for family members and loved ones of those addicted to drugs. No one else can truly understand what you go through as the loved one of a drug addict except someone who has walked in your shoes. You will find yourself strengthened and encouraged because drug addiction affects you as well as your loved one. People there can also help you with advice on how to persuade your family member to get drug treatment.

These are all good tips on persuading someone to get help. Remember, no matter what time of the day or night, a helpline is usually available because that is the number one thing it is set up for: to help. You deserve it.