‘Holistic’ might sound like one of those meaningless words we so often find being bandied about, but in holistic treatment for addiction, holism is a very meaningful concept.  To understand why this should be so, we should investigate what it really means. Is it just another nice sounding word? Far from it!

In healthcare, symptomatic treatment is all too common. You have a headache, so your get given painkillers – but what actually caused the headache? Won’t you just get another one when the treatment wears off?

What holistic treatment is all about

Holistic treatment looks at the causes that lie behind the symptoms. If you became addicted to substances, what were the underlying reasons for that? There’s no point in treating symptoms without addressing causes. If psychological or social issues caused you to turn to drugs, anyone who wants to help you should guide you through these first.

Sure, you can detox and return to your former life, but will you stay off drugs? If the real reasons for your addiction aren’t treated, you’ll be back at square one before too long. So holistic treatment looks at you as a ‘whole person’. It sees addiction as being nothing more than a symptom and practitioners of holistic rehabilitation strive to find out just what caused that symptom.

Mind, body, spirit

Each of us is unique. We may end up with addictions that are far from unique, but the causes of those addictions lie in the mind and spirit, as well as the body. If you want to recover, mind, body and spirit need to be addressed together.

That’s what all the most effective rehabilitation programs do. They don’t rely on generic solutions. They help you to explore yourself as an individual and provide you with the tools you need to achieve holistic healing that deals with both causes and consequences.

You can’t be a passenger in the process

Here’s the difficult part – you have to make holistic treatment for addiction happen. You can submit yourself to detox and allow the symptoms of your addiction to be treated, but to achieve holistic healing, you have to be involved, open and motivated.

Nobody can hand holistic healing to you on a silver platter in a rehabilitation program. You need to live the process. You need to want healing enough to open your mind and even your soul, and you need to be ready to ring the changes. If you don’t, your chances of relapsing are much greater.

You can’t expect to check into rehab and emerge healed in body, mind and spirit unless you’re willing to make an effort beyond just submitting yourself for treatment. It has to come from you, from the heart and from the soul.

Don’t forget the importance of spirit

It’s easy to see addiction as being a physical disease that’s brought on by psychological issues, but you should never forget the importance of spirit. That’s the deep-down real ‘you’ that consists of more than just body and mind. Spirituality can help you to find the inner grounding you need to hang in there even when the going gets physically or emotionally tough.

The best drug rehabilitation centers don’t prescribe a one size fits all spirituality, they leave it up to you. But what they will do is encourage you to reach beyond yourself for the extra strength you’ll need during your recovery – a strength that extends beyond your time in rehab and your recovery and that permeates every aspect of your life.

Becoming ‘whole’ again

Many addicts fear rehabilitation. They see it as a process that will remove one of the things that made them a ‘whole’ person. They fear being incomplete without the drug that threatened to destroy them.  But that drug was only a crutch. It filled a gap that existed in the body, mind, and spirit trinity.

Holistic treatment strives to identify that gap and helps you to fill it with something that’s really ‘you’. Not a drug or a drink, something natural and pure that comes from within you. It allows you to be ‘whole’ without drugs or any other outside influence. It allows you to become who you deserve to be.

What’s in a word? A whole lot!

You can dry out or detox. That’s the ‘easy’ part. The harder part is staying sober, just being yourself in a world that’s full of pressures and temptations. Holistic treatment for addiction strives to help you to achieve the powerful inner knowledge of who you are and what you really want and need. It helps you to reach your full potential – but it can’t do that for you unless you’re fully committed to achieving wholeness.