Specifically designed to provide treatment services for teenagers and young adults who are experiencing substance abuse problems, New Beginnings Recovery Center, located in Opelousas, Louisiana, is a facility that opens its resources and treatments for kids between the ages of 13-19. The treatment center sits on a beautiful 21-acre campus with unlocked doors. New Beginnings has found that even though patients are not physically confined, soon after admission they generally engage in the recovery process and do quite well.

Why it’s different

With several facilities built to cater to the needs of adults, New Beginnings set out to focus only on adolescent rehabilitation. The lack of centers that actually turn their attention toward young patients is what motivated owner and CEO of New Beginnings, Johnny Patout, to provide a quality treatment center that focused only on teenagers.

Patout believes that “teenagers in general are complex, and those with substance abuse problems are even more complex. Then a teenager with substance abuse problems, as well as secondary issues, is even further complex. So we put our complete focus on teenagers and created a treatment team that can effectively embrace that population as well as motivate them toward living a healthier lifestyle.”

Curriculum and philosophy

With a firm belief that addiction is a disease, New Beginnings embraces the abstinence model and utilizes the 12-step approach. Depending on the individual, New Beginnings also practices such therapeutic approaches as Rational Emotive Therapy by Albert Ellis, PhD, Reality Therapy by William Glasser, MD, and a variety of other effective approaches.

Most importantly, New Beginnings understands that teenagers are hyper vigilant and intuitive, making it the facility’s priority to create an environment where each patient understands they’re genuinely cared for.

The facility currently only provides mild to moderate detoxing. Patients who have a severe addiction to benzos and opiates usually visit a detox medical center before checking into New Beginnings.

Within the average 60-90 day length of stay, patients are evaluated primarily on their mind, body and spirit. In a physical aspect, New Beginnings provides their patients with an education and scientific proof that substance abuse negatively affects the body and the manner in which it functions. Spiritually, New Beginnings embraces a 12-step philosophy that encourages patients to believe in a higher power of their choosing. The primary focus of the facility, however, is the psychological aspect of a patient’s addiction. Many times, addicts and alcoholics have an irrational thought process, and New Beginnings encourages patients to understand the real world as opposed to living in their own, selective perspective.

The facility is also equipped with a fitness center onsite, a basketball court, tennis court, and a volleyball court. Patients are also urged to play flag football, go on swamp tours, and participate in horseback riding. It’s an important philosophy for teenage patients to understand what it’s like to have fun while being sober.


New Beginnings only hires certified clinical team members, physicians, and psychiatrists. There are two physicians – one certified in addictive medicine, the other a psychiatrist that addresses secondary issues such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, or depression. Unlike most facilities, New Beginnings also has 24-hour, around-the-clock nursing coverage. The commitment level and talent of the clinic’s multidisciplinary staff is what sets it apart from the rest. Staff members dedicate themselves to the expression: “We will love them until they can love themselves.”

Aftercare program

After a patient’s progress is evaluated and discussed by staff members, recommendations are made to the parents about what the next step should be. New Beginnings prides itself on having a strong family program, believing that addiction can affect the entire family. The facility works hard to get the family involved in order to help everyone heal and progress forward.

All discharged patients who are local have their own unique set of recommendations. Some may be directed to seek private therapy with someone in the community or referred to IOP (intense outpatient program), which is three nights a week for three hours. The facility also offers an aftercare group program where discharged patients can participate in a group therapy session each week.

For patients who reside in other states, the facility arranges for them to participate in aftercare programs in their own communities. Quite often, a patient’s aftercare is with the professional who initially referred them to New Beginnings.

All parents also receive phone calls 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days and 360 days after discharge. The facility takes the time to track each patient for a year, asking a series of questions to detect any potential concerns or issues that need to be addressed.

The treatment center’s outcome studies indicate that 60% parents report improved behavior 180 days post-treatment.

Pricing and budgeting

New Beginnings charges $500 per day, and works with almost all major insurance companies. On average, the facility has found that most insurance companies cover 80-100% of the patient’s care.

As a treatment facility directed solely toward adolescents, New Beginnings has thoroughly executed its knowledge and understanding of teenagers, their reactions, and emotions – making it one of the best and most comfortable facilities for young patients. With a non-existent elopement rate, extraordinarily invested staff, and a series of extra curricular activities, patients can relearn to live their lives without the need of alcohol or substance abuse.


New Beginnings

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