A Forever Recovery is a new type of treatment program meticulously designed to live up to its name and help addicts remain sober – forever.

The center is founded on the belief that every patient is unique and every case of addiction is different. When it comes to recovering from substance abuse, AFR believes that no one method will get patients the results they truly need. And yet most treatment centers offer one general treatment, leaving many patients at risk of relapsing upon completion.

That is why A Forever Recovery offers a number of unique and powerful treatment options that have helped countless patients treat their addictions. From faith-based treatment to holistic approaches, A Forever Recovery’s curriculum addresses the core of each patient’s challenge, tailoring treatment to the individual. The center then combines that treatment with friendly, responsive staff that takes an active interest in the well being of patients during – and, just as important, after – treatment.

This approach has made A Forever Recovery one of the leading treatment centers for some of the most challenging cases of addiction.

Why it’s different

Patients who enter AFR will first be struck by the personalized attention they receive. The caring, competent staff immediately gets to work to assess precisely what the patient is wrestling with – the addiction itself as well as the underlying factors that caused it – and to design a curriculum centered on his or her experience. Patients are AFR are not merely numbers working their way through a generalized program, but people seeking a unique treatment experience to resolve their addictions.

That unique experience is based on five main treatment options: a faith-based program, a self-help program, a cognitive approach, a holistic approach, and the indigenous path. Each of these tracks offers unique rehabilitation services that range from the psychological (cognitive therapy and behavioral analysis) to the physical (exercise and martial arts) to the spiritual (meditation, healing and lectures). Patients can choose from among these treatment options to address the unique dimensions of their conditions.

Patients also enjoy a remarkable facility. The physical space is designed to foster a calm, soothing, healthy environment in which to recover. A 60,000 sq. ft. building sitting on 14 picturesque acres overlooking a private lake provides the serenity patients need to reflect and heal. The center also creates a common space for patients to interact, share, learn from one another, and settle into their new lives as recovering addicts.

The powerful combination of the facility and the curriculum helps explain why AFR has generated powerful results with some of the most challenging cases of addiction. Patients who have attended several rehab centers unsuccessfully come to AFR and find the treatment they needed most. As one recent graduate explains, “A Forever Recovery was my ninth rehab. I entered my first when I was 18. I’m 32 today, and A Forever Recovery has been my last.”

Curriculum and philosophy

A cornerstone of AFR is that no one approach is right for every patient. The center, then, offers a range of options that patients can choose from. They can select a track and stick with it, or mix and match offerings from across these services, creating a truly customized program for all cases of addiction.

AFR offers five main treatment options.

  • The cognitive program addresses the mental and behavioral attitudes and processes that underlie addiction. This option emphasizes that true mastery of an addiction comes from within, and that patients can recover effectively by understanding – and adapting – their beliefs, triggers and cognitive processes.
  • The self-help program offers a proactive, community-based approach to recovery. Patients are allowed to attend self-help support groups, fellowships and other recovering communities.
  • The holistic program treats patients on multiple dimensions as whole beings. This approach includes healing, yoga, lectures by recovering addicts and counselors, guided imagery, relaxation sessions and even the spiritual elements of martial arts.
  • The faith-based program allows patients to recover while strengthening their beliefs and spirit in line with the Christian faith. This method encourages the client to connect with that faith while maintaining his or her recovery after treatment.
  • The indigenous path combines traditional Native American teachings with the 12-step approach. AFR’s 12-step program is based on a Native American philosophy of sobriety and well being and empowers patients to heal themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

But perhaps the most compelling technique that AFR offers is Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), a cognitive-behavioral approach that leads to enhanced moral reasoning, better decision making, and more appropriate behavior. The method is particularly useful for recovering addicts. “It was definitely the MRT training that made the difference,” confirms a graduate.

With this mix of effective approaches, patients address not just the surface symptoms of an addiction but its deep and complex foundations.

Staff and relationships

The AFR staff is renowned for its genuine care and authenticity. Patients are assigned to one-on-one counselors who are available throughout the week. There is no limit on counseling sessions, and patients are free to approach AFR staff at any time with concerns and questions. Facilitators of group sessions are known to take extra time to sit with patients and discuss their experiences. “The staff was fabulous,” says a recent graduate. “I knew that their doors were always open to me, and that they truly cared.”

The aftercare program

But A Forever Recovery – as the name suggests – does not end when patients graduate from the program.

Upon completing AFR, each patient receives a weekly phone call from an assigned aftercare specialist. This specialist monitors the patient’s daily activities, discusses his or her experience and expectations after graduation, and answers any and all questions or concerns the patient has. By remaining close to patients and ensuring that they have what they need to remain sober, this high-touch aftercare program helps patients stay focused on their recoveries.

The aftercare program also allows AFR to monitor the effectiveness of its program with recent graduates and make adjustments in light of real-world results. This data-driven approach differentiates AFR from almost every other treatment center. With the help of strong statistics and anecdotal evidence, AFR continues to evolve the program to best meet the needs of recovering addicts.

“My aftercare has been fabulous and incredibly supportive,” gushes one recent graduate. “I still look forward to their calls, and I know that I can always call them if I need something.” These responses from graduates are what puts the “Forever” in “A Forever Recovery.”


Final recommendation

AFR is a powerful option for addicts in need of a comprehensive, tailored rehabilitation experience. Addicts who have tried other rehab options unsuccessfully should seriously consider AFR, as it has generated results where others have failed. Graduates confirm just how effective the program is and frequently recommend the program to their friends and loved ones – perhaps the best measure of its quality.

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