Today: 15 Nov 2019

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A Forever Recovery Review

Introduction A Forever Recovery is a new type of treatment program meticulously designed to live up to its name and help addicts remain sober – forever. The center is founded…

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Best Drug Rehabilitation Review

Best Drug Rehabilitation is a residential treatment center founded on the principle that successful recovery depends on a full physical, mental and spiritual transformation. The center’s curriculum, facility and support…

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What is the 12 Step Program?

The major concern that we have with AA (and other such recovery groups) is that contrary to their denial, they constitute a religious system. For example, they believe and talk…

Relapse? Never give up on giving up

You detoxed. You thought your nightmare of addiction was over, but then you suffered a relapse. You might feel like kicking yourself, but that isn’t going to help. So what…

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The Past and Present of Drug Treatment

In the past, society viewed drug addiction as a moral flaw. Popular “treatments” involved imprisonment, sentencing to asylums, and church-guided prayer. Not surprisingly, these methods were generally ineffective. Today we…

Rediscovering joy after chemical addiction

Rediscovering joy, or even pleasure after addiction can be a slow process. Drugs mess with your head both literally and physically. For example, cocaine might make you feel great for…

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Tell Me More About the 12 Step Program

Twelve-step programs have contributed to the recoveries of millions of addicts worldwide. The first 12-step program ever was Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which was started by Bob Smith and Bill Wilson….